Who we are

My mother and grandmother indulged in needlework crafts, which pushed me to learn and practice the same. I come from a family that appreciates art and crafts; hence, aesthetics and design are in my blood. During the pandemic, I turned this “summertime childhood hobby” into a passion project. I am Neena Patel, a teacher homemaker, mother, and artist.

My daughter Sanina, the brains behind Neeknots, encouraged me to start experimenting with my skills. What began as an experiment with protective crochet masks and coin purses soon blossomed into this beautiful idea of creating handcrafted and customized products. We started an exclusive and sustainable movement of crafting baby and lifestyle products with no thought of immediate financial returns.

We are not qualified designers with technical know-how. We just follow our hearts and let our creativity guide us to make things we would own.

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