Material: Pure Cotton, unprocessed wood.

Note: All materials used are 100% organic, sustainable, and non-toxic.

Care Instructions:

  • In case of a stain, spot cleaning is the best method to choose.
  • Use a cleaning agent and dab till the stain comes off.
  • Hand-wash with cold water and let the product air-dry.
  • Do not dry the product under direct sunlight.
  • Dry cleaning of the product is encouraged.

Home Washing Techniques

  1. Use fabric softener or hair conditioner mixed with water in a tub.
  1. Soak the product in the softener for about 10 minutes.
  1. Knead the fabric in the water to ensure the mixture gets into the fibers.
  1. Wring it out by squeezing it using towels.
  1. Flat dry knitted products to avoid reshaping the product.

Disclaimer: All our products are handcrafted, and hence each creation is unique and one of a kind.